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Our Alternatives Work

Innovative strategies for managing risk and enhancing investment returns—that’s what Calamos Investments has offered financial advisors since 1977.

Calamos is the #5 manager of assets in the Alternatives category, as ranked by AUM by Morningstar (9/30/18). We attribute this growth to broadening platform availability, growing advisor support and—most important—our funds’ continued performance as expected.

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A Legacy in Convertible Bonds

Convertible securities are an opportunity for investors who want to participate in equities but are willing to exchange the maximum possible upside for protection against the downside of equities.

The asset class was pioneered by Calamos Founder, Chairman and Global CIO John P. Calamos, Sr., more than 40 years ago. We have educated generations of advisors on the benefits of a strategic allocation to convertibles, and look forward to working with you.

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The Opportunity in Volatility

At Calamos Investments we believe that volatility and down markets are to be expected, planned for and yes, benefited from. Managing volatility is Calamos’ specialty and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your clients’ conversations and investment plans.

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