Thanks for your Interest in Oranj, brought to you by Pacific Funds

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Thanks for your Interest in Oranj, brought to you by Pacific Funds

How Can Pacific Funds Help You?

Pacific Funds is a family of mutual funds designed for growth, income generation, and diversification. Our managers seek to deliver consistent results with downside protection strategies to help shareholders meet their long-term financial goals.

SELECTIVE. Our managers implement strategies using highly selective, active, and process-oriented approaches that have stood the test of time.

NIMBLE. Each manager is efficiently structured to be nimble when implementing investment decisions, while being supported by the resources of a large financial institution.

EXPERIENCED. The managers have extensive institutional experience in their respective asset classes and in navigating varying financial environments.

Learn more about our funds here: Pacific Funds rated by Morningstar

Investment-Grade Corporate Bond Focus 

Adding more agility to a portfolio is the reason we believe investors should consider making short-term corporate bonds part of their fixed-income lineups.

A Strong Defense Can Be Your Best Offense

Pacific Funds Short Duration Income Fact Sheet ›

Complementary Fixed Income Strategies

Floating Your Way Through Fixed-Income Turbulence Floating-rate loans are designed to provide a source of income and can offer the benefit of diversification, which can help navigate various market environments in both the short- and long-term. 

Floating Your Way Through Fixed-Income Turbulence

Pacific Funds Floating Rate Income Fact Sheet ›

U.S. Equity

A challenge for investors seeking a diversified portfolio is finding the right balance between larger and smaller stocks. An answer to this dilemma may be found in a third equity category: small- to mid-cap stocks.

The Case for SMID

Pacific Funds Small/Mid-Cap Fact Sheet ›