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Rebalancing and Trading with Oranj

Simple without Sacrificing Sophistication

Making the Complex
Simple and Affordable

Oranj’s rebalancing capabilities combines ease-of-use with institutional-grade rebalancing tools. Custodian-agnostic, Oranj features a wide range of customization capabilities to help advisors run their practice.

  • A Game-Changing Pricing Model - At Oranj, we strive to help advisors increase the scalability of their practices without increasing costs. Through Oranj's Model Marketplace, advisors have access to the industry’s first free end-to-end solution for managing, rebalancing and trading portfolios.  

    For expanded access to manage, rebalance and trade portfolios across the investment universe, advisors can upgrade to Marketplace Pro.  At the flat monthly rate of $395 per firm, Marketplace Pro provides access to the most competitively priced rebalancer in the industry. 

  • The Easiest Way To Run Your Practice - An intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Oranj has simplified complex data and tasks. Basic rebalancing has never been easier and can be completed for an entire practice in just a few clicks.  The platform also features a wide range of customizations designed to help advisors comply with their firm's respective specializations and approach to managing investments.

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All Trading & Rebalancing Features

Model Marketplace

  • Strategist Models
  • Sub-Advised Models
  • Custom Models
    • Class
    • Security
    • Model of Models
  • Buy Location Optimization

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Current vs Target
  • Cash Management
  • Tax Opportunity Alerts

Portfolio Trading Customization

  • Trade Approval Roles
  • Account Restrictions
  • Holding Restrictions
  • Security Equivalencies
  • Accounting Methods
  • Cash Requirements
  • Trade Size and Rounding
  • Transaction Fees and Restrictions
  • Cash Distributions


  • Current Vs Target
  • Account or Household
  • Invest Cash / Raise Cash
  • Tax Implications Summary
  • Cash Implications Summary
  • Minimums and Notifications


  • Reporting
  • Directed Trading
    • Market Orders
    • Limit Orders
  • Trade Blotter
  • Account Trading Summary
  • Wash Sale Restrictions
  • Asset Location Optimization

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